Welcome to the Library of Exhentai

Since the untimely demise of Exhentai is upon us, it has been decided that it would be best to preserve the efforts of tens of thousands of uploaders by creating a somewhat cohesive archival effort, from the scraps of what has been retrieved. This is the Library of Exhentai.

This project is in its infancy, so you may experience hiccups and slowness. This project is run by (although not affilited with) the owner/developers of Catbox.moe, so you can say we have a little bit of experience with mass file storage. As previously stated however, the server capacity is currently limited, and as such we ask that you bear with us as we test the waters with what hardware/configurations works. All data submitted will be moved off-site daily, in order to free space on the primary server.

Update 7/27/19: Thanks to all the glorious Anons that have contributed so far. We've archived over 2,300 3,800 in the last 36 hours. Things I hope to add in the near future include: inline uploading (no page changes when uploading), uploaded-or-not submission tool, and thumbnails for Checkout. I've also acquired a list of metadata, which will be used to tag submissions to their proper metadata. Keep uploading!

Update 7/28/19: Great job everyone. We've passed 5,000 submissions for the last 52 hours. I know it's been tough since you're only able to upload single works at a time. This week I hope to complete the metadata database, which will be entwined with the new upload tool, that will get all metadata and validate automatically. For this reason, it is imperative that you keep the original file name from the Exhentai Archive download. Thanks again Anons. Hopefully we'll get some more news.

Update 8/5/19: Well, this is awkward. It looks like Exhentai is alive and well, which leaves this project in a bit of a bind. I'm currently crunching my last week of summer classes in college, so I'm unfortunately unable to make any big moves with the site. I apologize for the lack of updates, but the revival of Exhentai has definitely taken some weight off my shoulders. Sorry guys, I'll get another update to you on Saturday. In the meantime, I would highly recommend saving your favorites off Exhentai.

To Contribute to the Library

To contribute to the archival effort, please fill out the following upload form. Do not upload mega-packs of works. Only single submissions should be added
NOTE: Due to the high volume of traffic, uploads may take a while as we manually filter non-conforming uploads.

Original name of work from Exhentai (if unknown, fill in to the best of your abilities.)

Artist of Work (if multiple, separate with commas)

Group of Work (if multiple, separate with commas)

Language of Work

Type of Work
Doujinshi Manga Artist CG
Game CG Western Non-H
Image Set Cosplay Asian Porn
Known Tags [Optional. Comma separated.]

Zipped Archive of the Work
NOTE: Your Archive MUST be a non-passworded .zip file, and SHOULD be using the Deflate compression method, compression set to Maximum OR Store. File names must be less than 192 characters. Max file size is 500 MB right now

To Check the Library

You can search the Library with the form below.

You can search by Title or Artist name here (most of the time the artist's name is in the title anyway).

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